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Three Ways to Create Beautiful Centerpieces Without Using Flowers

If you are trying to save money for your wedding, a good place to start is with floral arrangements. While beautiful, flowers on average cost around $2000 of extra expense according to The Knot (

Now, most people want to walk down the aisle with a beautiful bouquet of color-coordinating flowers, but what about your centerpieces? Are flowers necessary? To some, absolutely they are! However, for those who are trying to cut wedding costs, check out these alternatives to floral arrangements.

1) Personal Touches

Do you and your soon-to-be spouse have a special item or hobby that you share? Why don’t you try to incorporate that into your centerpieces? For example, are you hockey fans? A few mini-sticks and practice pucks could make an incredibly unique centerpiece that actually means something to you- and for only $35 for 25 pucks on Amazon, it would make an affordable and adorable talking point at your wedding. This can be done with almost any hobby or common interest- you just have to find a style that you like, play around with the idea, and come up with something brilliant.

2) Michigan Touches

Do you love Michigan lakes and all the fun that comes with them? Why not honor those memories by creating Michigan inspired centerpieces. While it is illegal to take sand from beaches, you could purchase sand from your local family owned nursery and then go rock collecting all around Michigan. Grab some tube vases from Ikea, fill the bottom with the sand and rocks, the rest with water, and top it with a floating candle. As a bonus, take pictures of yourselves at the different lakes that you visit holding up different numbers (with either your fingers or a chalk board… or even write in the sand!), and use those photos as table numbers for your guest list!

3) Lanterns

Did you know that you can buy little lanterns at Ikea for $4? ( They come in a variety of colors and are large enough to be perfect on your tables, but small enough to not be intrusive. With these rustic little lanterns, you can surround them with dollar store tea light holders and candles and have a romantic ambiance that is perfect for weddings (if your venue allows flame. If not, no sweat! You can always use flameless candles). Bonus Alert! These little lanterns would look amazing at home, too. They can sit on a patio table with a little citronella candle in them, hang from your gazebo to add a little nighttime vibe, or keep them inside for decorations and memories of your amazing night. For less than $100 (if you have, say, 20 tables)- you will have decorations for your wedding AND for your home!

Of course, there are a million ideas out there for centerpieces. I personally love something that is a little more personal to the couple, beautiful, and is budget friendly. Also, do not forget to check with the venue to see if they provide complimentary centerpieces. You never know!

If you have any questions about centerpieces, budget friendly wedding ideas, and of course, photography- let me know! You can contact me at or by phone at 313-605-1692.


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