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  • How many photos will I receive?
    Good question! There are no set amounts to how many photos you will receive after your event/photoshoot. On average, I give back around 50 images per shooting hour- but that number can fluctuate. Don't worry- you will get A TON back!
  • How will you deliver my photos to me?
    This really depends on you and your needs. My favorite and most popular option is through an online gallery link that I will provide you with after the event. This link will have all of your high resolution photos in one location that you can download and share from. You can also order photos from my professional printer with the same link. It's super easy and convenient- which is why it is the most popular option. The other option, for those who don't love websites, is a USB. I don't like putting USBs in the mail, so these will be personally delivered at a convenient time for both of us. Keep in mind that this option may delay my turnaround time if we cannot schedule this meeting within the time frame. Both of these options are included in your package. Please note, your online gallery will only be live for 6 months after your wedding- so downloading the photos to your computer/external hard drive/ USB is your best bet. After that 6 month deadline, you can request the images from me for $150 fee.
  • Can I use a credit card?
    Of course you can! Once you book with me, I will email you an invoice for the retainer fee (and for all payments after that), and through that email you can pay with credit/debit. Easy peasy. I do not charge extra for using credit, but I will give you a 5% discount for paying cash (since I get charged a certain percentage for credit and check payments). For those paying with a check, a $50 bounced check fee will be charge if the check is declined. You can make checks payable to Becky Steffens Photography
  • Do I have to pay in full to book you?
    Of course not. Weddings are expensive and that's a lot of money! At booking, I will send you an invoice for a 50% retainer fee. This secures your date with me and gets the ball rolling. A month before the wedding the next 25% is due, and two weeks before the wedding, the remaining 25% is due.
  • Do I own the rights to my photos?
    As the photographer, I will always keep the rights to my work. However, I do release printing rights to you- so you can print and share whenever or however you want! There are a couple favors that I ask of you. A- do not alter the images. Cropping and adding filters after the photo has been edited will reduce the quality, and that's not good. B- If you share an image on social, give me a little shout out :) It's not mandatory, I would never force you to- but word of mouth is the best referall, and it makes me smile when I can see my work on your page.
  • How do I print my images?
    The easy answer- anywhere you want to. I release the images to you- and they are yours to print however you please. The better answer- I make it super easy for you to print from my professional printer. The professional printer has better quality paper, ink, and standards. Not to mention, when you order from my printer, the photos come back through me to look through, and I double check to make sure they are at top quality. Is the professional printer more expensive? A little... but it beats paying a ton of money for photography and having poor quality images to display. Just a little story: When I got married, I asked my boss and fellow photographer take my photos. She did a BEAUTIFUL job. She gave me my photos back on a USB, and I ran up to my local pharmacy and printed them off. I put the USB in and spent about an hour trying to figure out quantity and sizes. I ended up printing off roughly 400 photos. That took another hour and a half, just waiting there for them to print- eager to take them home. I get the slip, head to the counter, pay $250 for the photos, and went on my way with a smile on my face. When I got home and started really looking at the photos, I noticed that the color was all off. Random reds and purples flooded the pictures- and a red line faintly appeared in about 50% of my beautiful images. I was devastated. The next day I went back up to the pharmacy and showed them the photos. They reimbursed me a random percentage (I think it was like 20%) and said that if I wanted to reprint the rest, I could at no cost. I spent another 2 hours there- trying to figure out which photos I needed to reprint, and the sizes again. At the end of it all, the quality still was poor- but I gave up. To this day, the only photos that I have hanging in my house are those that I got professionally printed after the fact. I didn't even bother putting the others in an album because they were so bad. They are still sitting in the pharmacy box on a shelf. Now- I don't tell you this to force you to use a professional printer. These are your memories, your decision. But I wanted to pass along my own story so that you are aware of potential issues you may encounter by going to a machine at a pharmacy or grocery store instead of a professional printer designed specifically for this reason.
  • I'm looking for the best dang DJ around. Know of anyone?
    I DO!! Check out DJDC Productions ( They have awards all over the place, they are fun, they are awesome- and I work with them a lot so we jive well. The relationship between photographer and DJ is HUGE during weddings. As a photographer, I have to depend on the DJ to communicate with me more than you would think- and to know when to turn off lights at important moments so I capture the best shot. Well- with DJDC Productions, I don't have to worry about that. We have a system already down- and we just vibe. You will love them. You should check them out.
  • Are you an LGBTQIA+ friendly photographer?
    The fact that you still have to ask this question is ridiculous to me. YES!! OF COURSE!! Get your wedding on and let me photograph it!
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