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Senior Photo, Dearborn MI | Zoe

Let me just start by saying, I LOVED ZOE! I loved her style, I loved her personality, I loved her eagerness and excitement... I just loved her!

I had the pleasure of photographing Zoe at Ford Field Park in Dearborn, MI- and then we took a little hike to downtown Dearborn to finish up the shoot. We started at the gorgeous pedestrian bridge, then just wandered the trails taking photos along the way. I would stop her many times through our session and say "Go stand by that tree," or "HEY! There's a bench, go sit on it," and each time, she humored me and went along with it. It was so easy. I think she thought I was nuts a few times... like when I asked her to stop at a parking garage... and then again at a garage door (apparently I like garages)- but she went with it and I think the photos speak for themselves.

Good luck, Zoe, on your final year of high school! You are amazing!


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