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Portofino's Bridal Shower | Hannah & Bobby

Bridal showers are always so beautiful. Getting together with your family and friends to celebrate love, eat some delicious food, and share in fun and memories will never go out of style. However, with Hannah and Bobby's bridal shower- beautiful was an understatement. Held at Portofino's in Wyandotte, MI, Hannah and Bobby celebrated their love in an amazing room with windows from floor to ceiling- right on the Detroit River.

The theme of their shower was flamingos- and all beachy things that come with flamingos. Dressed in a flamingo dress and a Hawaiian shirt- the couple brought laughter and love into the immaculately decorated venue. This bridal shower was the most thought out event that I have been to. Each detail was designed specifically with a purpose, which included the centerpieces made of colorful flowers, topped with flamingo decorations- and planted in a pineapple! A Hawaiian lei was placed strategically on each chair to add a pop of color to the white ambiance of the venue. Potted assorted plants lined the room as gifts for the guests... with pineapples added as decorations to finish off the look. Each detail of the decor was brilliantly elaborate and really pulled the entire event together.

The first game was strategic. It was created to provide entertainment for the audience but also as a token of memorabilia and advice for the new couple. Once the guests were done writing down their unique date night ideas, the bride-to-be pulled random cards as a raffle prize for the centerpieces.

The next game was just as cute. Little booklets were made for each table, and these booklets were filled with poems and photos. Each person at the table followed the instructions in the poem- and as the booklet was passed around the tables, the guest holding the booklet at the end was the winner.

Portofino's created a delicious spread for lunch which included a crab spread, ribs, coconut chicken strips, and much much more. Needless to say, the hall was fairly quiet as everyone enjoyed.

The cake also did not disappoint. The multicolored strawberry and lemon cake was beautifully designed, with sparkles and all- and topped with... you guessed it... FLAMINGOS. What is cuter than two flamingo dressed in a bow tie and hats? I can't think of anything!

As the couple started opening up gifts to begin their new life together, each guest started marking off their Bridal Bingo sheets in hopes of winning one of the beautiful potted plants created around the room.

When the shower ended, guests were full, decorated in leis, and smiling. This shower was not just a celebration of love for the soon-to-be married couple, it was also to celebrate the people in their lives who love them. Portofino's, the parents, the siblings, and the friends who came together to make this shower a reality did an amazing job, and I have no doubt that Hannah and Bobby will remember this day for years to come.

Venue: Portofino Wyandotte, MI


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