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Noah is Graduating! Senior Photos Sneak Peek

In many schools throughout Michigan, the Senior Class of 2018 will be making their way across the stage to accept their right of passage into adulthood.  So is the case with this handsome grad, Noah.  

I spent the day with this senior exploring Elizabeth Park in Trenton, MI- finding unique, beautiful areas to photograph his senior photos. Then we made our way over to Trenton High School, where we took advantage of the brick signage out front, then finally making our way into the gym where Noah has spent much of his high school career.  

I have to say that Noah is probably one of the most respectful students out there.  He didn't complain once... even after over an hour and a half of photographing!  Even I would have complained if I was forced to smile for that long, but Noah was amazing and kept up the energy until the end.  He was truly an amazing person to photograph, and I appreciate the opportunity to do so.  

Congratulations to the Class of 2018- and especially to Noah as he makes his way to Madonna University. I wish you nothing but the most interesting classes, informational professors, life long friends, and tremendous experiences. It was a pleasure being your photographer.  GOOD LUCK! 

For the full gallery of Noah's senior photos, visit:


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