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Kayla | Crosswinds Marsh, New Boston

OMG! Kayla's senior photos are perfection! This gorgeous young lady pretty much nailed every single photo she took. Starting off barefoot- she set the tone for a beautiful and comfy shoot filled with autumn colors and warmth. Her eyes beamed into the lens giving such stunning photos that I could barely take them quick enough.

We got lucky to have such a perfect day for a photoshoot. The sky had those engaging dramatic clouds, but the water behind us was calm and soothing. The park was quiet, giving us a nice relaxing ambiance to slow down and really enjoy the shoot.

I had Kayla sit, lay, squat, and lean until we got an over-abundance of beautiful fall colored photos that she could look back on for years to come and remember these final last few months of her high school days. I truly hope you embrace this last year, make the most of it, and come out the other end ready to take life and make it your.... well- you know :)

Kayla, you are beautiful, funny, smart, and just such a great person. Good luck in this next year and do amazing things!!

Venue: Crosswinds Marsh- New Boston, MI


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