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Heritage Park, Taylor MI | Nick's Senior Photos

I knew that shooting Nick's senior photos was going to be a blast. It was the perfect weather, the sky was beautiful... and then I met Nick... and I just knew. We started the photoshoot at Wyandotte High School's soccer/football field, and although the field was set up for football- he rocked it out like it was made for him! We did a few photos at center field, then to the goal, then to the scoreboard. But the real magic happened once we hit the stands. Something about the cold, shiny metal mixed with an athlete on his home turf is just always beautiful, then stir in a little lighting- and BAM- you get awesome senior photos!

We made our way over to Heritage Park in Taylor, where the scenery is always perfect. I warned Nick right off the bat that I was going to stop him a million times, and without a fight- he said "no problem," (which are probably one of the best sounds to a photographer's ears when it comes to seniors... especially senior boys!). We stopped by the trees, then by the windmill, then I found a random door that he didn't fight me about... of course we had to stop in front of the fountain, the bridge, and the super cool looking wooden cabin. We tried to get to the gazebo- but with a few homecomings going on, we just got sick of waiting. He was almost in the clear, but then I stopped him and asked if we could do some on another bridge and in front of the stationary train. He let me take my time and set up some sweet lighting with his school colors for a few shots (probably one of my favorites) and after almost 2 hours of shooting- I think we were finally all done. I'm sure his face was numb!

What started as a nice day ended up being an awesome afternoon, and that was all because of how awesome Nick was. Thank you for your patience and your enthusiasm, and I wish you so much luck throughout the rest of your senior year (and for districts!). It was my pleasure!

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