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Gordie | Belleville, MI

Another biased post here- but isn't this baby the fricken cutest! As the newest member of my family, Mr. Gordie makes the 17th Great Grandchild to my very proud Grandma (Grandma, double check my math- it's hard to keep up :))

Gordie, mommy & daddy- got all dressed up on a very rainy day to get their fall family photos taken. After a brief try in the drizzle, we decided to find a covered gazebo in the area. We made our way to Horizon Park in Belleville, MI. It was a little chilly, but the flowers were still standing and Belleville Lake was the perfect backdrop for this adorable family.

Dressed in coordinating flannel- the snuggles and smooches were too cute for me to handle. Please welcome my newest baby cousin, Mr. Gordie, into the world and wish the parents a good night's sleep. They are going to need it :)

Venue: Horizon Park- Belleville, MI

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