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Downtown Wyandotte Senior Photos | Jacob

When you have a senior who shows up to a shoot with his turn out gear- you know it's time to get creative. I was SO excited to work with Jacob, and I think he was equally pumped to get some really sweet shots in his gear. Playing with a mixture of smoke bombs and flash gels- I think we hit our mark.

Jacob has plans of being a firefighter after his senior year of high school. As a cadet at the Romulus Fire Department, Jacob is already on his way.

He didn't just nail his turn out gear photos, he was quite the model around town, too! Jacob was laid back, sweet, and just over all a complete enjoyment to work with.

Thank you Jacob for allowing me to play with lighting and smoke- and for just being awesome in general. Good luck, and be safe, in all your years to come. Thank you for your future service as a first responder!

Venue: Downtown Wyandotte


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