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Downtown Wyandotte | Brandon's Senior Photos

Downtown Wyandotte was the perfect location for Brandon's senior photos. When you take a debonair senior and put him into a quaint city with brick walls, tiny alleys, the Detroit River, and beautiful scenery- you get magic. And that is exactly what Brandon's senior photos were- magic. The first piece of magic was working with a senior boy who didn't roll his eyes even once! Seriously- not once! (Well... at least not while I was looking HAHA). The second piece of magic was his ability to take the poses I gave him and make them better. For example, when we were working with smoke bombs, I gave him just a few prompts to do in our limited amount of time that the smoke was going off. We could barely see each other, and it wasn't until I got home and started looking through the photos that I saw just how amazing the photos turned out! I wish I could take credit for the smoke bomb photos- but in reality, it was Brandon's quick thinking and master posing that really made those photos so amazing. And the third piece of magic was the kindness I receive from him. At the end of the shoot, he made it a point to thank me and ask me for my business cards to hand out to his friends. It's not often that people think about these kinds of things, and to get that sense of maturity and initiative from a high school senior was definitely magic (or really great parenting).

Going back to the smoke bombs for a second, I do have to give Brandon more credit. Usually when using smoke bombs, I am in a wide open space where the smoke blows away faster than I can take the photos. But this time, being in such an enclosed area- neither one of us were prepared for what happened. At first it was fine, a little smoke rose up just enough to make the photo look eerie. Then, the smoke wouldn't stop coming. We were both closing our eyes, coughing- and the smell... OH THE SMELL... it was horrible!! I was seriously afraid that the fire department was going to come! Granted, it only lasted about 20 seconds, but it was a rough 20 seconds! When the smoke started to fade, I picked my camera back up and Brandon finished out the poses. They turned into some amazing photos- and I wouldn't take them back... BUT it is definitely something to think about next time!!

Thank you Brandon for a great shoot! Congrats on your final year of high school!!


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