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Downtown Dearborn, MI | Sophia

Sophie was awesome! She started off a little timid, but ended the photoshoot like a champ. Most of the fun poses during this session were her idea, and I loved it! She just knew how to work the camera. She was patient with me as I had her stay in one pose, for what seemed like forever, so we could get the lighting and angle right. And when she jokingly frog leaped over a cement barrier- she didn't fight me at all when I asked her to do it again for the camera- and it's one of the coolest photos.

Sophie braved stray branches, spiderwebs, heights, and mosquitoes to get the photographs that we needed for her session- and I can't thank her enough for going along with me during my shenanigans. Your funny faces and willingness to try crazy poses kept me entertained the entire shoot.

Congrats on making it this far, Sophie. I wish you an easy and amazing

last year of high school!!


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