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One Beautiful Mama

As a mother myself, I constantly kick myself for not getting maternity portraits done when I was pregnant. Frankly, I didn't feel beautiful... and... I didn't want to waste money on photos that I was going to hate because I felt so big. Now... looking back on it, I wish I would have changed my mind. Pregnancy is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. And this mama proves it!

Rachel was referred to me by a mutual friend. I had purchased two maternity dresses from Chicaboo months ago, and had no pregnant friends to try them out on. Finally, I got sick of waiting and asked my friends if they knew any soon-to-be-mamas who were almost ready to pop. Luckily, my friends came through and gave me the name of this gorgeous mama.

The second that Rachel pulled into the parking lot, I knew I was going to love her. Never meeting each other before, you never know if it will be an awkward acquaintance- but she drove passed with a big smile and a wave. She was perfect!

She came with a bag of fun which included a 4D ultrasound of her baby boy, a chalkboard, and a hair wreath. I showed up with chalk, the dresses, and bug spray (no ticks allowed at this photoshoot). TEAMWORK!

I originally planned on this being a short photoshoot seeing as it was a model call. I didn't want to put her through the ringer (it was 86 degrees mind you), and I just wanted a few shots of how beautiful the dresses were. However, that all changed when I realized that A- she was PERFECT for the shoot and B- the location and sunset could not have been any more beautiful. What was supposed to be a half hour turned into nearly two hours- and worth every second.

Between two outfit changes, three headpiece switches, and a half a dozen of locations within Crosswinds Marsh (New Boston, MI), we left with almost 300 photos and a million laughs. Now- not only do I have a beautiful collection to add to my portfolio- I also have a new amazing friend. Thank you Rachel for being so awesome!!

For the full album of Rachel's maternity shoot, visit:


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