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Dearborn Senior Photos | Ethan

Ethan's senior photos were quite interesting. As we started off at Edsel Ford High School in Dearborn, MI- there was a rumor that it might rain. When we started, it was PERFECT! The clouds were nice and fluffy, the sky was a little eerie but not too scary. It made for some great football photos!

But as we drove over to Ford Field Park in Dearborn, things started to get a little... iffy. I was lucky that Ethan's mom was there to protect my gear from the very light rain that started coming down as we took pictures on the bridge... quickly. We decided to risk it and make our way to an underpass as it started coming down a little harder. On our way to the underpass, we were lucky because we walked through a very "tree-ey" area which sheltered us enough to photograph. Even more lucky for Ethan since I made him stop every 3 feet because the walk was so beautiful! We made our way to the graffiti filled underpass- where I only had to photoshop out profanity just once! (I was expecting more LOL).

Then, the downpour. Standing underneath the underpass, the rain was getting thicker and thicker. Ethan's mom, checking her phone, made a joke that it can't be raining because her weather app said that it wasn't. After a good laugh, we decided to call it a night. We still had formal photos to do, but we knew it wasn't happening then.

We tried again the next Tuesday- but unfortunately, Mother Nature kept messing with us. So, as Sunday morning hit, the stars aligned and we finally got a nice day. We headed over to the Greenfield Village/ Henry Ford Museum grounds to take some nice formal portraits outside of those areas. It was absolutely beautiful. Between the fountain, the stone roads, colorful flowers, and other gems- we got a ton of amazing photographs.

Ethan was so awesome to work with. I don't know why I am always surprised by this. In my head, I picture a senior boy having to get dragged away from his bedroom by his feet- tied to the roof of the car- and held at gunpoint to take photos; the whole time rolling his eyes and making snarky comments. However, that has never been the case, and it definitely wasn't with Ethan. I'm amazed with how well all of my senior clients have been raised. Ethan was excited, creative, and over all enthusiastic for the shoot- which is the reason I LOVE to shoot senior photos. Plus, when you get a senior as debonair as he was- it's just MAGIC!

Thank you Ethan and Kim (previously known as "Ethan's Mom" in this story) for being awesome, supportive, creative, friendly, humble- and just perfect. You made my job so easy and enjoyable. Congrats and good luck over this next year, and enjoy every second!!

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