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Crosswinds Marsh Engagement | Emmalee & Kaleb

When Emmalee and Kaleb said that they were the outdoorsy, fishing, nature type of couple- I knew that I had an amazing spot for their engagement shoot. Crosswinds Marsh is full of nature. Between the tall grass, rustic bridges, and fished filled ponds- Crosswinds Marsh was MADE for these two!

As nature people, it only made sense to photograph the two with their truck. We started off the photoshoot on a little secluded road, far away from everyone and everything. Snuggled up in the bed of the truck, the two took a few minutes to relax and cozy up- leading to some adorable photos. This led to a little somethan-somethan in the back seat of the truck. I don't ask questions... I just document the moment :)

When the canoodlen ended, we made our way through the beautiful grounds. Down an isolated bridge surrounded by greenery. Then to a quaint little bridge for some romantic photos surrounded by arched branches...

When we got to the water, the sun was just starting to set. The couple used the time to be in the moment, holding onto each other with love and security. They took the time to admire the marsh, taking in the beauty of the scenery as well as to embrace each other. It was quiet, it was romantic, it was perfect.

I am always excited to photograph an amazing couple who are so deeply in love with each other, but these two have something beautiful. The little jokes between them were so sweet. The long kisses were touching. And the stolen looks that they didn't think I saw were so endearing. I am SO excited to photograph their wedding in December, and while I know it will be colder- I know I will also feel the warmth of their love radiating the entire day and night!

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