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Charlotte's 1st Birthday! | Heritage Park, Taylor MI

BABIES!!! Sorry- I get a little excited when it comes to the little ones. This little cutie patootie just turned 1! Little Miss Charlotte was SO GOOD during this chilly photoshoot. Her mom gave me a heads up that Charlotte played by her own rules... but during this photoshoot- she was the perfect little sweetie. She smiled, she blew kisses, she even did a little walking for us! I think this gal was made to wow the camera.

The colors were just starting to change which gave our backdrop some beautiful warmth. Too bad that warmth didn't communicate with the weather that day. As one of our first chilly days of the year, Charlotte pushed through with just a little runny nose, and a ton of smiles.

I honestly can't wait to see this amazing young lady grow up. With 9 siblings (you read that right)- she has plenty of astonishing role models to look up to... and I hope I get to photograph her senior photos years from now, just like her big brother's :)

Happy first birthday cutie pie!

Venue: Heritage Park- Taylor, MI


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