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Baby Lucy | Newborn Photography, Belleville MI

Is there anything sweeter than a newborn baby? I mean seriously. They are squishy, they are cuddly, they are adorable with their little sounds and expressions. That is exactly how little miss Lucy was during her newborn photoshoot!

Baby Lucy first got my attention with her little squeaks. Being not even two weeks old- the high pitched squeaks had me giggling the entire photoshoot. I couldn't get enough of it! After a quick bite to eat, Little Miss was ready to get her sleep on as she cuddled up on mommy's wedding dress. Wearing an adorable little headband, with her mommy's veil as a blanket, Little Lucy cuddled and stretch as she snoozed for a bit.

While the wedding dress was fine and all, Lucy had other plans. She wanted to get snuggled up on a nice soft blanket... and that blanket happened to be in her own little personalized tin bucket.

Lucy then decided that she just wasn't fancy enough. She wanted to get her TuTu on!

When she got tired of being fancy, she told us that it was time to get comfy. And what is comfier than half naked on a furry rug??

All of this napping built up quite an appetite. Off with mamma to fill the belly.

Daddy got jealous and wanted snuggles too...

We got sick of being cooped up inside all day, so we took a little stroll outside to enjoy the fresh air...

If you follow my social media, you may have seen a purple "Sauve Strong" wristband show up here and there throughout different photoshoots. The Sauve Family is an amazing family who gained an angel last year due to cancer. In true Sauve fashion, Little Miss Lucy had to get in on the support by showing off her Sauve Strong bracelet, as well as her t-shirt and guardian angel necklace. Great Aunt Angie would be so proud!

To see Little Miss Lucy's full gallery, check out:


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