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Wyandotte Senior Photos | Connor

This guy right here let me drag him around Wyandotte for his senior photos, while also letting me choke him with smoke bombs and blind him with yellow flash.

I love shooting football players. I thoroughly enjoy going onto the field and photographing a senior in a location that will be so memorable and nostalgic for the rest of their lives. They always seem so at home when we are photographing on the field. And that is exactly how I felt when I stepped onto the field with Connor. He lit up while also remaining at ease- and you could just tell he was right in his element.

As we walked around downtown Wyandotte, I stopped Connor about every 10 feet to take another shot. Being the genuine guy he is, he didn't give me any grief and just went with the flow. Through alleyways, across busy intersections, and even sneaking into a really cool restaurant patio, Connor was along for the ride- and photographing seniors like him is what makes my job so fun.

Congratulations, Connor, on surviving your senior year in 2020- and I am hoping that your first year post-high school has been amazing!


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