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Lower Huron Metropark- Belleville, MI | Tori's Senior Photos!

What can I say about Tori? First- she was amazing. She was super sweet and full of energy! Honestly, just as nice as could be. Second- she was stunning. Every outfit she put on, she rocked!! Like, seriously! And third- her family was just as awesome as she was!

After a long day of worrying that the photoshoot wasn't going to happen between storms, we caught a break in the rain and ran out to Lower Huron Metropark in Belleville. Despite not having cell phone service, we found each other with no problems (it helped that she was already wearing her high school cheer uniform!) Making our way down the cement path, I had her stopping every 5 feet to take photos. "OOH! I like this road." "Wait! The sun is peeking through these trees." "OMG! A tree you can stand next to!" This girl had to put up with a lot of stops along the way, and was happy to do so! We made our way over a bridge, down a hill to get to some rocks by the water, through the beaten path to a hidden cove, into mosquito infested grass... and she did this all in heels! Once we got through all of that mess, we jumped in our cars and found an open field to play in. She twirled and crouched and ran, and it paid off! Then, we took a little break to play with props including smoke bombs, twinkle lights, and an adorable picture of Tori when she was just a kiddo. That was probably my favorite idea for senior photos yet (big thanks to Tori's family for thinking of that one!). Then, as we were driving away- I had to make her stop for one more photo on a random bridge that was just too good to pass up.

As we leave, I get a text from my husband that says "Get out! Storm is coming," and by the time I made it home- the thunder and lightning was hitting hard. The universe was good to us during the shoot- and I have to believe it is because it knew how amazing this senior was.

So thank you, Tori, for being absolutely perfect. It was my pleasure working with you, and I wish you nothing but the absolute best for your last year of school!! Congrats!

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