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Lower Huron Metropark, Belleville MI | Skyler's Senior Photos

I may be a little biased with Skyler's senior photos seeing as how she is my niece and all- but is she not the cutest thing ever?? We made our way around Lower Huron Metropark this week as I dragged her through tall grass, parking lots, mud, wet land, and everywhere in between. She humored me as I had her sit, stand, squat, and lean for almost two hours. She only doubted me a little when I told her run slowly, waving her arms like a bird (which by the way, I found out she was right and those photos looked exactly the way it was described. Those did not make the gallery HAHA!)

In the end, this country girl had some amazing shots. Can you honestly beat photos in a field with cowboy boots and a cowboy hat? No... the answer is no, you can't! Skyler is this amazing, beautiful, laid back chick who... despite being an Alabama and Michigan State fan... rocked out her senior photos and made the day so fun.

Thank you Skyler for being incredible. I know this year is going to kick butt, and I can't wait to take photos of you at your graduation! LOVE YOU!!

(PS- with Luke Bryan coming up, looks like you already have your outfit! Two birds, one stone!)

Full gallery here:


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