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Lower Huron Metropark, Belleville MI | Austin is 2!

Well, technically he's not two yet- but this little adorable kiddo will be in just a few weeks. Austin holds a very special place in my heart. First, his mom is my "ride or die" and is one of the best people I know. Second, I was there to take the photos since the beginning. Starting with the surprise pregnancy reveal to his daddy, the gender reveal, the maternity photos, NOT the birth (sorry- I don't have the stomach to commit to all that quite yet), then the newborn photos, Easter/baptism formals, Christmas, his first birthday... oh my gosh- and probably more.

I don't know if he remembered any of the previous photoshoots or not, but this kid was a champ! He smiled for me, said cheese, showed me his cool toys, and drove his motorcycle like a pro. Even when the big kids at the park where a little too rowdy to be playing on the play equipment- Austin never even flitched (well... he didn't, but us three adults with him were getting pretty annoyed LOL).

It was a great day full of smiles, laughs, and kiss avoidance (because... toddlers...). I can't wait to photograph every important event in his life!! Love you baby Austin!

Full gallery here:


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