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5 Alternatives to a Traditional Guest Book

Wedding-day guestbooks are great, but to be honest, how many times do you think bride and grooms pull them out and read them? I would say probably not often. Maybe on their anniversary for the first few years, but then they just sit nicely in a curio cabinet collecting dust. Instead, let us think of some ideas for these guest books that you will use or see in your daily life.

1) Picture Frames: Go to your local craft shop (or… let’s be real- Amazon) and buy two large photo collage picture frames. These large collage picture frames typically have a white mat that separates the photos- and is the perfect canvas for words of advice from your loved ones. Instead of a guest book, they can sign these picture frames- THEN, once your wedding photos come in, you already have a spot for multiple pictures, surrounded by memories of the people who made your night so special.

2) Engagement Canvas: Do you have that one engagement photo that you just LOVE but are contemplating buying a canvas of it because the cost is so high? Well… I can’t change the price of the canvas for you, but I can offer you more bang for your buck. Make a canvas of that photo and have your wedding guest sign in the areas around the two of you. That way, when you look up on that wall, you won’t just see I picture of yourselves, but also everyone who supports you and your love.

3) Board Games: One of the best pieces of advice that you will receive is to always date your spouse. What better way to date your spouse but with game nights?! Provide game board pieces to your guest when they walk in and ask them to put a word of advice on a piece. Games like Jenga have 54 pieces. Monopoly has 40 spots on the board- and the entire middle portion is pretty empty for people to write on. Even Cards Against Humanity has white space that can be utilized. When your wedding is over and the new has worn off, have a game night with your spouse and read each piece out loud to each other. It’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your faces.

4) Decorative Pieces: What is the motif of your home? For me, I like a country feel with lanterns and old ladders to hold my blankets. So, I would bring a lantern and a Sharpie and have them sign the glass, or pieces of fabric to write on and get a quilt made after the wedding. If you are more nautical, you could bring a large jug and put their messages in the “bottle.” Whatever your house theme is, having a piece that you can display in plain sight would be a better alternative to a guestbook that you hide away.

5) Personal Items: What do you and your spouse have in common? Are you both football fans? You can have your guests autograph a football and put it up in your game room/”man cave”/garage. Do you like comic books? Get a comic book made about your wedding and have guest sign the pages. Are you musicians? What about having everyone sign a guitar? You can even do something that relates to your first date. Ask the restaurant that you went to if you could have a menu (they may say no… but who knows. Even if they say “no,” they may offer up something that you could use). There are so many personal items that directly relate to you, why not use that as your guest book?

If you have any questions about guestbooks, budget friendly wedding ideas, and of course, photography- let me know! You can contact me at or by phone at 313-605-1692.


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